Groundwork for

Market Analysis and Investment Strategy

This section provides an orientation the other resources at this site. The survey includes two types of content: a lowdown on the gamy nature of the markets along with an overview of practical guidelines for investment planning. An example of descriptive material lies in the sway of myth over fact in the financial arena. Another sample is the shifty nature of a market index, along with the reasons why the average investor cannot match the performance of the market averages. Meanwhile, an exemplar of prescriptive guidance in found in a holistic approach that unifies the outlook for the financial forum as well as the real economy. Another instance is the strategy of working smart rather than hard, of earning more while doing less.

The materials in this cluster are designed mainly for the novice investor. On the other hand, a heap of myths and misconceptions about the marketplace beset the bulk of experienced players as well. For this reason, many a veteran could also benefit from the ideas presented here.

The materials – in the form of articles and other treats – can be accessed by way of the navigation block located on the sidebar along the edge of this Web page. A lineup of resources is listed under the corresponding section of the menu.