Privacy Policy

As a matter of principle, everybody should have the right to determine their own destiny. The basic perks range from the freedom of movement to the right to privacy.

In practice, though, things are not always so simple. The main problem is that one person’s liberty is another person’s restraint.

In the physical domain, for instance, your right to go where you please ends where your neighbor’s property begins. In the virtual sphere, your right to comment in a forum ends where the moderator considers the remark to be inapt.

In a similar way, your license to go wherever you want and do whatever you please in cyberspace has to be balanced by the corresponding perks of other Netizens. As an example, the owners of Web sites want to determine what goes on at their hubs, and to know what visitors are doing there.

Amid this backdrop, there is in general a tradeoff between freedom and restraint. A prime example lies in the matchup between privacy and transparency, whether in the world of bits or rocks.

In other words, there is no sensible way to permit total freedom for all comers. Put another way, there is no solution to the issue of self-determination which will be wholly satisfactory to everyone at all times. As a result, a bunch of choices have to be made in the virtual realm just as in physical space.

Happily for the visitor, the policy at this hub is to follow generally accepted principles of conduct while tending to be overly conservative on behalf of the user. A number of specific guidelines are as follows.

  • We will not ask for your personal information unless there is a vital reason to do so. As an example, you will have to provide a suitable address if you send us a message and expect to receive a response via electronic mail.
  • In certain cases – including any contact forms you might fill out – we may ask you for some supplementary information such as your name if it seems fitting to do so. In particular, providing a name is the standard practice for a tailored message from a human user, although the nicety is often disregarded in a mass mailing from a spam generator.
  • We may follow the customs of other respectable sites in keeping track of your interactions at this hub. The purpose of the observation is to gather statistical information in order to analyze the traffic and thereby help us in tweaking the site to enhance the functionality and convenience for all visitors.
  • In line with our general principles, it is not our policy to sell or give away personal information such as your email address.
  • We will not disclose your personal information for any other reasons, except possibly in the case of abnormal complications. An example is a formal writ from a law enforcement agency in connection with an official investigation.
  • We will use the information that you submit, such as your email address, solely for the reasons you have specified. An example is sending you updates of the contents of this site via email in response to an explicit request from you.

To sum up, our policy is highly conservative in matters of personal privacy.

The discreet stance stands in stark contrast to the liberal bent in terms of the contents of the site. As a proponent of innovation and growth, we are hugely flexible and open-minded when it comes to accepting novel trends and progressive lifestyles.

At first blush, the contrasting precepts set forth above could appear to be inconsistent and incompatible. In reality, though, we view the pair of guidelines to be complementary rather than neutralizing.

More precisely, one of our liberal views is the right of the individual, within reason, to determine their own destiny. That credo includes the right to privacy and the freedom to enjoy an abundance of solitude without wanton disturbances from external sources. In other words, everyone should be free to make their own choices, including the extent to which personal information is divulged to other parties.

Given this policy, any personal details that you provide will not be used against you as a cover for advertising, spam or any spurious material unrelated to the original intent when you provided the information. In that sense, you will receive less from this site than you might otherwise expect.