Download Guide

Thank you for your purchase of Wildcats of Finance. You may download the ebook through the following link:

When you access the site, you can inspect the ebook online, then copy the document to your own computer. These steps are explained further below.

Reading the Document

Upon reaching the target site, the ebook will show up automatically on your browser. As a result, you may check out the document as it stands on the Web.

On the other hand, the ebook will not remain at that location indefinitely. For this reason, you should download the volume to your own computer within one month after your purchase.

Downloading the File

On your browser, a tab named “File” will appear above the top left corner of the document. When you click on the tab, a dropdown menu shows up. Among the list of options, you should select the proper choice required to download the ebook.

Making Copies

Some folks like to keep three copies of an electronic book: one for a computer at the office, another for a desktop at home, and a third for a laptop (or Netbook)
for the road. After you download the ebook, please feel free to make one or two additional copies for your personal use.